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Promotions Made Simple!

Made Simple is a premiums & incentives provider for hundreds of casinos throughout the United States.

Our experience has yielded us the ability to not only know our market, but know our customers. We provide 100% customizable, results-driven programs that maximize ROI, while, most importantly, being a vendor our partners can rely on.

Made Simple is more than just gifts, we are the partner that gives our clients the credibility of strategies that are proven to be successful, while offering the flexibility of risk-free programs for our clients to engage in and develop new and effective loyalty strategies.

Consumers and their trends are always evolving, and we want to be the partner that allows our clients to evolve with them, risk-free!

Made Simple Values


Long-Term Partnerships

We value

Loyalty starts at the top. Our clients appreciate us, and we help them appreciate their guests.

Our mission is to establish and engage in long-term partnerships with our clients. Our perspective is their perspective. We visualize and bring to life programs specifically curated to fit each individual client. A handson approach helps us maximize profits and results for our partners. We invest in building relationships that last, by allowing our clients to continue to count on us for guaranteed results as well as rely on us to continuously evolve our marketing programs to an endlessly evolving market.

As we continue to develop new and unique angles to promotional programs, we look forward to also developing on-going loyalty with our current clients and establishing loyalty with our new clients.


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There are many different strategies we offer to optimize giveaway events. Whether it be full-month continuity programs, adjustments to the number of giveaway days in a week, or even giving away a new type of gift, our goal is to allow our clients trial these new strategies risk-free. We offer a full buy-back program for any gifts not given away in an event. Made Simple believes in the programs we offer; so much so that we are willing to guarantee it 100%.


Our experience has afforded us the ability to offer really impactful continuity program events. This model of continuity programs, we find, is most efficient when we can tell a broader story, over the course of multiple months of intertwining gifts. While one gift may be impactful, we optimize loyalty by telling a multi-month story and theme through our programs. Through our multimonth engagement contracts, Made Simple offers a 5th Week Free Bonus. While most months have 4 giveaway scheduled dates, and thus most Continuity Programs are 4-week programs; There are some months where there is an opportunity for a 5th Week of giveaways. Made Simple offers a FREE gift to the casino for any months that have a 5th week, within their typical giveaway schedule. Imagine, generating a giveaway day, with entirely NO EXPENSE for the casino. 100% ROI –guaranteed. Partner with us, and we’ll continue to find ways to sweeten the partnership with you.

*All programs above are subject to specific terms of agreement and may depend on length of engagement with Made Simple.


Direct Domestic Relationships

Our extensive history has allowed us to develop on-going tight-knit relationships with domestic suppliers. Our product catalog is ever-growing, uniquely diverse, and exclusive. Our volume with both facets of our business allows us to target incredibly low prices, while we pass these savings forward to our clients to give them the best perceived value gifts at the lowest prices, with the most diverse product offerings.


Cut-out the middle-man with Made Simple. ROI optimization can be achieved in many different ways. One of the ways we offer, is with lowest pricing and cost savings on products. Made-Simple is factory direct on most products we offer. This gives us the ability to offer our clients lower prices on every-day products. More importantly, this gives our clients the ability to offer their guests products with much higher perceived value gifts. By giving a guest an opportunity to pick up a gift that would typically be outside of their theoretical value at any other casino, this is a sure-fire way to maximize and increase mailer response rate at your property.

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Taking advantage of Made Simple’s parnership success in the wholesale industry, we are able to utilize all the established resources of a $50+ million dollar company, and their overseas resources to provide high perceived gifts and low costs and assured Quality Control on all gifts.

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Made Simple employs a staff of 6 in China. We understand the importance of credibility in our products, and our overseas unit allows us to keep a 99% compliance rate on all the premium products we export.

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Made Simple’s relationships have allowed us to manufacture direct Brand Name gifts with Black & Decker, Wolfgang Puck amongst others. Allowing us to offer you factory-direct pricing, not only on our house-brands, but on our globally recognized brands as well.

× Shiping


We know a casino has many moving parts; and we know how important it is to comply with their standards and receiving guidelines. A gift giveaway event should go seamlessly and effortlessly while the casino continues to operate every-day business. A Gift giveaway is meant to elevate a casino, not put a strain on it.

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When requested, Made Simple offers assistance on-site for gift giveaway distribution assistance, or even warehouse receiving assistance. A good partner helps along every step of the way, and we are here to assist whenever/wherever we can.

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With each giveaway, we supply the casino with a toll-free line they can give guests to contact for any inquiries on their products. We understand the difficulty and strain that can be caused from calls regarding the gift that guests received. Leave it to us to field and take care of any and all calls relating to the gifts from the giveaways.


We hold customer service and on-time shipping in the highest regard, because our clients hold it in the highest regard. What is important for our clients is important for us. We know you can get products from many different sources, but a reliable vendor is one of a kind.

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